Driving the Blue Mountains

Prior to today, I had not driven in a foreign country, Canada doesn’t count.  While, the insertion into the Ford XR6 required great acrobatics each time, I was able to successfully motor us outside of Sydney and into the Blue Mountains, about 2 hours west of town.  We hiked around 3 different spots throughout the day and saw a couple waterfalls too.  All in all a gorgeous day, though we were wearing about every piece of clothing we had.  When Elizabeth said, “Hey look, it’s 5 degrees from freezing” (thanks to the metric system), it was pretty chilly at times (41 Fahrenheit).  Though based on current weather in Minnesota, we’re about equal.

The flag below was at sunset on Darling Harbour a few days ago, Elizabeth has been posting a ton and I forget to get things out there when she’s working so hard on it each day.

Tomorrow I start to work, which was after all, one of the reasons to come here in the first place.  I have some meetings around town and am looking forward to meeting a number of my co-workers on their home turf.

P1050503  P1050573 P1050589  P1050291


Bonus Content!
Elizabeth & Samantha on the Trail!

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The Days Are Longer, Yet Not

It’s a little hard to explain. Telling the kids they had to sleep in until 5:00am was something that was never said before, ever.  Then to have them all totally asleep at 8:30pm is a great way to finish the day.  Couple all that with the fact that it’s winter here and the days are shorter (sun sets in the early evening) makes the days feel accelerated. Time change is an interesting thing. I bet we’ll be in sync after tomorrow. 

Today’s adventures included:  family pool time in the morning, poking around some ultra luxury mall downtown until we found a muffin shop in the food court, then off to the Aquarium and mini-zoo finishing at the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner.  I’ll let Elizabeth post pictures when she writes in the morning. 

Everyone is doing great and having fun!  Thanks for the notes and comments!  Miss you all!                

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We made it to Australia!!!!

The adventure has begun for the Altman family!! Yahhh!! the plane ride was good but long and we have already seen the Sydney Harbor, Sydney Bridge, and the Sydney Opera House! Now we are relaxing at the pool on the roof of are hotel. Could it be any better? I miss all you guys already and so does Scott, Teresa, Mark, and Samantha. I will tell you guys more later and hopefully get to talk to you soon. Now if you will excuse me I have to get back to relaxing!!!! Bye


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5 x 5 x 5 x 5

5 People.

5 Backpacks. 

5 Carry-on Bags.

5 Weeks. 

We appreciate physics cutting us some slack in our packing today. We are all set to go!


It’s the evening before we head out, lots to do, lots to think about, lists that need completing.  As we just reviewed with one of our wonderful neighbors; when you get on the plane it’s all done, whether you did it all or not, it’s done.  Given our OCD-tendencies, I don’t think anything will be left to question on the way to the airport.

I have grand designs that the kids will take advantage of this blog thing I created and they’ll put something useful up on here, otherwise it will simply be Teresa and I sharing pictures and notes about our journey.  Not that our contributions won’t be worthwhile, I’m just hoping for something more.

There is a balance to figuring out what you need vs. what you can fit.  Reminds me of one of my earlier-in-life backpacking trips where I had just shy of a portable kitchen with me.  By the 3rd one, I decided all I needed was a spoon.  If you couldn’t scoop it, it wasn’t worth eating.  Similar size/weight decisions are being made with clothing.  Don’t judge the pictures too critically if it appears we are always wearing the same outfits.  🙂

The kids are very excited, Teresa and I are excited!  This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity we are capitalizing on.  If nothing more, the kids will be experienced travelers which I hope will motivate them later in life to explore the world on their own, with their own families. 

Off we go, more to come soon as we head down under!


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