Alaska: Land of the midnight sun

July 14, 2015 | Comments Off on Alaska: Land of the midnight sun

We’re here in Alaska in July, which is awesome, the weather is fabulous and we’ve really lucked out with sun, or more accurately, no rain for all of our excursions.  Then, there’s this whole constant sunshine thing.  Take today for instance, the sunset is at 11:51 and it rises at 4:12.  Recall, that doesn’t mean it gets, you know, “dark” after the sun sets, it’s pretty much stays light-ish all the time either directly or indirectly.

Now, consider our rental RV we call home for our time here which is clearly not designed to handle constant light and support adequate sleeping or interior darkness.  Light leaks through EVERYWHERE.  A quick trip to Fred Meyer along they way for some black plastic garbage bags and some masking tape.  Now we have what really feels like some kind of mobile meth lab with all the windows, doors, ceiling vents covered over with bags and tape.  I will say that it makes a huge difference in our ability to sleep for any duration, so I’ll take the ghetto look and feel in trade for sleep any day.

I don’t know that we’ve been up for any chance of seeing the northern lights… not sure how dark it needs to be to actually see them at this point, maybe we’ll check it tomorrow night when we are more in the interior and perhaps in better weather.

While we are up and around, we have seen some amazing sites, below is “classic Alaska” wit the mountains, rivers and forest.  Views like this are all around us all the time, it’s truly beautiful!