Alaska: Seward

July 11, 2015 | Comments Off on Alaska: Seward

As the kids have already posted, we made it here and I managed to make a friend along the way on the plane that provided us not only with great snacks on the plane, but about 2 grocery bags full of supplies (chips, candy, drinks, fruit, etc) all from the plane for us to start our trip.  It always pays to be nice to people, sometimes it pays you back more than you’d ever expect!

First big adventure day was in Seward where we took a boat cruise to see the Kenai Fjords, lots of wildlife on the trip (see Elizabeth’s post) and we all enjoyed the trip very much.  Some good relaxing going on at the campground tonight, grilled some steaks and had what felt like a home-cooked meal from the RV.

Tomorrow we head back north through Anchorage on our way to Denali!