Last Day

March 8, 2015 | Comments Off on Last Day

Starting to wrap things up here and get ready to head back!  Very much ready to be home!

I had dinner with Aaron last night at a very nice Chinese restaurant.  I’m pretty sure that I’ve never been to a restaurant where there was a line-item for over $900 before and no, we didn’t get the Emperor’s Abalone platter, or whatever it was called.  The pork, chicken, duck and fried rice we did have were exceptional.  We wandered around Chinatown for a bit afterwards and did some shopping and had a few drinks in Clark Quay (which is basically just a collection of about 50-60 bars and restaurants).  Not sure why a country that is essentially in the heart of Asia has a Chinatown, but it’s there.

The Chinese New Year just kicked off and it’s the year of the goat, as can be seen all over the place here in Singapore.  Swung by my last hotel on the way to the Art & Science Museum and found a store that Bob might appreciate!

IMG 1920 IMG 1926

The Art & Science Museum had a very nice exhibit on Leonardo da Vinci that I spent a couple hours at.  Very interesting to learn about how diverse of a person he was and how many different areas of knowledge he spent time and effort exploring.

After the museum I headed off to the Singapore Zoo.  Overall, the zoo was very nice, I saw the White Tigers which is kind of the highlight overall, they also had an elephant show that I saw too.  Lots of other critters great and small there.  I was originally going to go to the Night Safari there, but it started raining just when I was wrapping up with the zoo and figured I’d head back to town and start to gather my things together for the trip home.

The river otters were super cute, they were waiting for feeding time and they kept moving back an forth in a little group trying to figure out who was going to feed them.  

IMG 1932 IMG 1942 IMG 1951 IMG 1981 IMG 1988

Other than that, I’m checked in for my flights tomorrow, going to pack up and get a good nights sleep for my early morning departure.  See you all soon!

Love you!