Work Done

March 5, 2015 | Comments Off on Work Done

Wrapped up my last day of meetings today.  Got to hear presentations from all the different regions in Asia about how they are selling and working with our products.  The plus side is that they all have a direct and immediate interest in the area I’m working on, so that was good!

Made it back to the hotel and walked around the “Tree Walk” this evening with a friend of mine (Mark, he’s a nice guy with a good name).  You can see the walkway looping around through the trees, but we missed going up there by 15 inures before it closed.  They they did the light and sound show where the trees were all lit up and it was pretty cool!

IMG 1867  IMG 1869

On the way back, we caught another really nice shot of the hotel.  It’s pretty much the oddest looking thing on the Singapore skyline:

IMG 1864

Did a bunch more shopping today, but still haven’t found anything fun.  Lots of the stores are just the same as in the US, just the super-expensive versions.  I’m hoping to find some cool Singapore stuff later this weekend in my adventures.