March 3, 2015 | Comments Off on Singapore

Finally had a chance to work on this some more and share some pictures!  The below are Singapore harbor from my hotel room, the morning and evening.  There are hundreds of cargo ships and large fishing boats just anchored in the harbor.  Near as we can tell, they haven’t moved since we got here, but there are tons of them out there.  The triple tower building with the sky-bridge / canoe looking thing on top is my hotel.  The top floor has a couple restaurants on it and a pool (bottom left picture).  The Singapore skyline at night is pretty neat too and finally, our fish head guy that was served with our dinner tonight.  I did not try the fish, but the authentic Cantonese (Chinese) was pretty good!

Singapore is hot.  We’re at 1.7 degrees North from the equator, so, pretty much, at the equator.  The heat isn’t so bad, but the humidity is a killer.  Lots of effort is spent avoiding going outside.  They have a similar system to Minneapolis where everything is skyway connected, except here, it’s all below ground and there are shops everywhere, so it’s like one continuous underground mall that connects the buildings, subway system and other stuff.  You can’t go everywhere underground, but you can certainly do a lot!

The hotel is really a unique feature on the skyline, it’s literally 3 towers with what looks like a big canoe on top.  The hotel is connected to a very exclusive mall, lots of brands I’ve never heard of and the ones I have are really expensive.  I don’t know that I’ve been to a place that has a dedicated Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini apparel stores before.

Speaking of cars, owning a car in Singapore is very expensive!  The government taxes cars very heavily to prevent lots of people from having cars.  Part of that is they only release a certain number of license plates every year and then you have to bid on them to get them, the cheapest ones I saw were around 3-4k, the old ones (40+ years old) were selling for over 200K (to get a number like “EK 9 J”) where the lower numbers show a higher status.

Today was first day of meetings and my presentation went well, good feedback all around.  

I haven’t figured out what I’m going to do on my free days this weekend, but I’ll sort it out tomorrow or Thursday.

Miss you guys!


Singapore Harbor at morning & night.

IMG 0049  IMG 0047

Hotel & skyline at night.

IMG 1849  IMG 1851

Pool view over the skyline and fish head from dinner.

IMG 1854  IMG 1848