August 5, 2014 | 2 Comments

Today is our last day to explore Australia 🙁 so we did our routine. We started off the day by swimming!!!!! It was our last time to swim so everybody got in the pool. We did not stay in the pool for long though before moving in to the hot tub because it was chilly. We went down to a breakfast buffet where they had so much good food it was amazeballs (as I say). After breakfast we walked down to the Sydney Harbour through the botanic gardens. It was nice to see the Sydney Opera House again and the bridge. As we walked down the streets I remembered when we first got to Sydney and all of those adventures like the whale watching :(. After we were done walking around Sydney we went to a nice place to eat like at Bennihana. It was a hysteracal meal!!!  First we had to catch a raw egg which sounded gross to get on you but thankfully we all caught the eggs. Next we played a “Special Game” which was the most funny part of all. We all put a bowl for protection then out of nowhere he started flinging egg bits at us!!!!!! It was so funny! So funny that if you want to hear it again and get more information you should read my dad’s post. Sleepy time, love you all bye!

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  1. Loved these last posts! Thanks to all of you for sharing your journey and your stories. We’ll be waiting for you Wed. G & G H.

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