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August 5, 2014 | 1 Comment

So, we decided to spend our last day in Sydney (and Australia, New Zealand and our whole trip) by wandering around the city, hitting some of our favorite spots by the Opera House, the Royal Botanical Gardens, Circular Quay and all the streets we travelled on so many times in our first week.  Not sure if it was because Sydney was the first  place we stopped at or if it’s just something about the city that feels very warm and welcoming.  It’s a beautiful city, truly.

To close out our adventure, I found a teppanyaki (like Benihana) restaurant to go to.  We were a little skeptical going in as the restaurant was basically empty when we got there; we increased the number of patrons from 2 to 7 with our arrival.  Here we sit at the table, after the other nice folks left…


Language was a little rough with our waiter, who turned out to be our chef as well… again, causing a little concern about the overall experience as in all of our travels, the person taking your order, isn’t the person that prepares the food.  Salad was good, soup was good and appreciated by the kids too.  Had some appetizers as well and that was all relatively good, nothing out of the ordinary happened there.

Then, things started to get a little weird.  Our first task as active participants at dinner was to catch a raw egg in a bowl given to us by our chef, I had visions of it splattering all over one or all of us.  He tossed the egg in the air off the cooking table and we needed to catch it in our bowl; we managed to catch all of them with lots of cheering!  Next up, we had to catch a small chunk of fried egg in our mouth that our chef would toss in from the middle of the table.  Took us each between 1 and 5 tries to get success, but we all did it.

Then… it happened…

He asked us if we wanted to play the “Special Game” and of course we said Yes!  He gave the kids each a small bowl and asked them to hold it in front of them.  We spent time clarifying whether they were to catch something and though some more language difficulty, we determined the word he used was “shield”.  For whatever reason, this did not raise any mental alarms.  Next, he rapid fire shot chunks of fried egg at the kids and they needed to use the bowls to deflect the shots.  The first one hit Mark in the head, Sam was busy looking at Mark (in shock) when she got hit in the face too, E had enough warning to dodge or block and then he was back to Mark again and they had this routine figured out now, but I think they only actually blocked 2 shots, the other 10-12 hit them in the face or chest or something.  OMG, it was hysterical!!!  🙂

One of the most entertaining meals I think we’ve ever had!  To close out, he wrote us a nice note on the table with salt.  The impressive part was it was all upside down from his perspective.


Now, we’re back at the hotel, getting packed up and we are set for a day of air travel ahead of us tomorrow.  We are wrapping up a fantastic trip and we are very grateful to have had this opportunity to travel in this part of the world for so long.  Thanks to everyone who helped us along the way!

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  1. That was certainly a meal you’ll all remember. Makes the guys at Benihana seem very tame! Looking forward to seeing you. Love, GL

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