August 3, 2014 | Comments Off on Rainforest

Today we started our day earlier then normal because we had some exploring to do. We got in our car and drove to a sky rail. We took the sky rail up to a look out over a gorge. Then we got back on the sky rail and we were in a rainforest so there was a lot of trees. I had never been in a rainforest before so this was a cool experience. We got back off the sky rail and took a little hike. After we finished the hike we got back on the sky rail. When we got to our final destination we went to a butterfly garden and got butterflys to land on us it tickled a little bit. Next we went to a bird house where birds could land on you which my mom “loved”. I liked to pet some of the birds heads. Then when we were done there we went to a Koala House where my dad and Samantha got to hold a Koala!!! They thought it was pretty amazing and who wouldn’t think so. We also got to feed Walabys, it tickles when they lick your hand!!!! We also did some shopping in the town. There are a lot of stores there just like Abour Lakes. We came down for the rainforest on a train which is fun I think. When we came back to our hotel I started working on this post and we were all sitting down and doing nothing.