Today is our last day to explore Australia 🙁 so we did our routine. We started off the day by swimming!!!!! It was our last time to swim so everybody got in the pool. We did not stay in the pool for long though before moving in to the hot tub because it was chilly. We went down to a breakfast buffet where they had so much good food it was amazeballs (as I say). After breakfast we walked down to the Sydney Harbour through the botanic gardens. It was nice to see the Sydney Opera House again and the bridge. As we walked down the streets I remembered when we first got to Sydney and all of those adventures like the whale watching :(. After we were done walking around Sydney we went to a nice place to eat like at Bennihana. It was a hysteracal meal!!!  First we had to catch a raw egg which sounded gross to get on you but thankfully we all caught the eggs. Next we played a “Special Game” which was the most funny part of all. We all put a bowl for protection then out of nowhere he started flinging egg bits at us!!!!!! It was so funny! So funny that if you want to hear it again and get more information you should read my dad’s post. Sleepy time, love you all bye!

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Difficult to describe…

So, we decided to spend our last day in Sydney (and Australia, New Zealand and our whole trip) by wandering around the city, hitting some of our favorite spots by the Opera House, the Royal Botanical Gardens, Circular Quay and all the streets we travelled on so many times in our first week.  Not sure if it was because Sydney was the first  place we stopped at or if it’s just something about the city that feels very warm and welcoming.  It’s a beautiful city, truly.

To close out our adventure, I found a teppanyaki (like Benihana) restaurant to go to.  We were a little skeptical going in as the restaurant was basically empty when we got there; we increased the number of patrons from 2 to 7 with our arrival.  Here we sit at the table, after the other nice folks left…


Language was a little rough with our waiter, who turned out to be our chef as well… again, causing a little concern about the overall experience as in all of our travels, the person taking your order, isn’t the person that prepares the food.  Salad was good, soup was good and appreciated by the kids too.  Had some appetizers as well and that was all relatively good, nothing out of the ordinary happened there.

Then, things started to get a little weird.  Our first task as active participants at dinner was to catch a raw egg in a bowl given to us by our chef, I had visions of it splattering all over one or all of us.  He tossed the egg in the air off the cooking table and we needed to catch it in our bowl; we managed to catch all of them with lots of cheering!  Next up, we had to catch a small chunk of fried egg in our mouth that our chef would toss in from the middle of the table.  Took us each between 1 and 5 tries to get success, but we all did it.

Then… it happened…

He asked us if we wanted to play the “Special Game” and of course we said Yes!  He gave the kids each a small bowl and asked them to hold it in front of them.  We spent time clarifying whether they were to catch something and though some more language difficulty, we determined the word he used was “shield”.  For whatever reason, this did not raise any mental alarms.  Next, he rapid fire shot chunks of fried egg at the kids and they needed to use the bowls to deflect the shots.  The first one hit Mark in the head, Sam was busy looking at Mark (in shock) when she got hit in the face too, E had enough warning to dodge or block and then he was back to Mark again and they had this routine figured out now, but I think they only actually blocked 2 shots, the other 10-12 hit them in the face or chest or something.  OMG, it was hysterical!!!  🙂

One of the most entertaining meals I think we’ve ever had!  To close out, he wrote us a nice note on the table with salt.  The impressive part was it was all upside down from his perspective.


Now, we’re back at the hotel, getting packed up and we are set for a day of air travel ahead of us tomorrow.  We are wrapping up a fantastic trip and we are very grateful to have had this opportunity to travel in this part of the world for so long.  Thanks to everyone who helped us along the way!

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Back to where we started

Today we drove to Mossman Gorge a national park. At the gorge we took a long hike that had a boardwalk, suspension bridge, lookouts, rivers, and a rain forest in it. Sam even got to hang on a vine!!!! A couple of highlights on the hike were, at a lookout there was a river and we climbed on the rocks in the river for 45min it was that fun, we also got to walk across a suspension bridge it was fun but a little scary to walk when the bridge while it sways. Today we brought back the car we rented because we are flying to Sydney, I think getting our car was a good idea because it is good to have your own space. The flight was about two and a half hours. When we got to Sydney we went to our hotel room because it is late and we are tired. We have one more day to explore in Sydney then we are coming home!!!! We miss you guys and we are ready to go home see you soon.


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Today we started our day earlier then normal because we had some exploring to do. We got in our car and drove to a sky rail. We took the sky rail up to a look out over a gorge. Then we got back on the sky rail and we were in a rainforest so there was a lot of trees. I had never been in a rainforest before so this was a cool experience. We got back off the sky rail and took a little hike. After we finished the hike we got back on the sky rail. When we got to our final destination we went to a butterfly garden and got butterflys to land on us it tickled a little bit. Next we went to a bird house where birds could land on you which my mom “loved”. I liked to pet some of the birds heads. Then when we were done there we went to a Koala House where my dad and Samantha got to hold a Koala!!! They thought it was pretty amazing and who wouldn’t think so. We also got to feed Walabys, it tickles when they lick your hand!!!! We also did some shopping in the town. There are a lot of stores there just like Abour Lakes. We came down for the rainforest on a train which is fun I think. When we came back to our hotel I started working on this post and we were all sitting down and doing nothing.


Crocodiles :)

Today we went to a zoo place and got to see crocs!!! I know it might sound a little scary but it was really cool. We went on a boat ride in a swamp looking thing were the crocs live, watched a show were somebody went in to the crocs swamp and told us about crocs, and went to a croc farm with hundreds of baby crocs. We spent a lot more time there then we expected because it was so amazing. At the croc zoo thing there were also Walabys, Koalas, Snakes, and Lizards. It was just like any other zoo but the main animal was the crocs. After that cool but interesting adventure we came back to the hotel and went to the… What is it guys?? That’s right we went to the pool and the…. yep the ocean!!!!!! I mean who wouldn’t want to go and play at the ocean everyday it is just so relaxing. There is just no way not to be relaxed. There has also not been a day were we have not had a good dinner and tonight the streak continues because my dad’s wonderful, spectacular, epic, amazing cooking. After dinner we went back to watching TV as always 🙂 🙂 but we had all ready had a good day. Today was warmish kind of on the hot side so people got tired a little faster today which was ok because we had an awesome day with out a doubt.         

Port Douglas

Today we were kind of lazy watching TV and playing on I Pads but we finally got out of bed and went to Port Douglas. At Port Douglas we went shopping in the town which was cool to see how there stores are (not that different). We also got to go a different beach, the sand was hard but still fun to play in the ocean. We also got to have ice cream!! It was pretty fun at Port Douglas. When we got back from our adventure we went to the pool and swam in the ocean it never gets old :). It was a nice sunny day and perfect for exploring, swiming, and eating a good meal on the deck. It was a good day. Sorry for no pictures but I hope you have a picture in your head.