New friends

July 31, 2014 | 3 Comments

Hi, I thought I should mention all my new friends that I am getting. So I started with little one aka LO and then got 4 more. There names are Scarlet, Leo, Callie and Kylie

Little one!!! She is, one of my favorites that’s why I took her along.

Scarlet!!! My first new stuffed animal that I got in the first Wellington zoo that we went to.

Callie the big and Kylie the small,I got them from a nice little shop that sold fuzzy people.

This is Leo!!! I got her when we saw the little penguins.

I was testing out some different fonts if you want to know why things are rainbow colored

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  1. Hi Altmans! I just found this blog, Elizabeth. What a nice way to see how your trip is going. We just got back from 2 weeks in the Midwest. My girls got to pick out a new Beanie Ball. Jetta’s plays music. They are in love. I think you and Ruby especially could spend quite a bit of time looking at your animal collections! I’m glad you have room in your luggage for the new friends!

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