Phillips Island and Port Campbell  

July 28, 2014 | 4 Comments

Today we got up at a reasonable time to go on a walk. We walked on the beach for a while then went to a rock formation. When we came back to the beach on our walk we stopped to throw rocks in the sand. It was fun throwing the rocks then running away when the tide came. After our walk we drove for about 5 hours. The drive was long so we had a Frozen sing-a-long!!!!!! We missed Eva and Carter while we were singing Let It Go. When we got to Port Campbell we went to a look out place called London Bridge. Next we went out to dinner and it was pretty good food. Finally we went back to are hotel and I am writing this. So we have had a good day today and I am tired now so bye.            

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  1. You guys are adorable! Love the sand hand prints. 😉 we’ve been having ‘Frozen’ sing-alongs too. Small world!

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