Phillips Island

July 27, 2014 | 3 Comments

Today we got a car and drove from our hotel in Melbourne to Phillips Island about two hours away. When we got to Phillip Island we could do so many things I didn’t know what to do.  We finally did pick to go to the chocolate factory. At the chocolate factory we bought different kinds of candy to try. After we were done at the chocolate factory we went to a place called A Maze’n Things. At A Maze’n Things there was a gravity room, a mirror maze (by far the best and funniest), another maze, and the shirnking room. In the mirror maze you would bump in to mirrors, have to touch people to know they are really there, and sometimes you would talk a mirror instead of a person. Next we went to the shoreline of the island and saw waves crashing on rocks and we also saw Seal Rock where a bunch of seals would lay down. We got to see wild wallabys it was cool to see. Then finally we went to go see one of the coolest things ever. After that we saw Penguins!!! They we’re waddleing up from shore to there borrows. It was so cool, the penguins were about one foot tall!! We did name a few of them there names were… Bub, Jub, John, Rob, Fred 1, Fred 2, Bob, The Family 3, and the Kitty Paw Brothers. After we were done watching the Penguins we went to the grocery store because if we get dinner from there people like it better always. I hope you guys are doing fun things too. Miss you guys lots. 


This is a picture of a postcard because you could not take pictures of the Penguins. 


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  1. The Maze sounds like lots of fun. Did the Shrinking Room make your Dad look small? Can you all walk like penguins now?
    Can’t wait to see you all again. Love, Grandma Linda

  2. Miss you too. We can walk like penguins a little bit:) 🙂 Sam was on the big side and he was on the short side. You don’t get to see that every day 🙂

  3. The chocolate factory sounds terrible! 😉 Hope you sampled lots and got some good tips for when you & Maya make chocolate at home.

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