July 26, 2014 | 1 Comment

Today we got up around 10:00!! How is that you are probably wondering, well we went to bed around midnight. That was probably part of it but the other part is a mystery. After we finally got out of bed and went to the pool of course!! We went to the National Sports Museum which talked about the Olympics,  Austraila sports players, and Austraila’s sports. It was really interesting reading about the people in the Olympics. Another one of my favorite things about that museum is the hands-on exhibit. In the exhibit you could do bike races, archery I thought of you Jake :), cricket, and other fun sports things. After we were done at the museum we had a good dinner then relaxed. I will get pictures up later for this post sorry about not having them up now. 


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  1. How did you like Cricket? Dominic enjoyed that when he tried last year in Scotland. He got to go into a batting cage in India too. He was pretty good at it for a novice.

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