New friends

Hi, I thought I should mention all my new friends that I am getting. So I started with little one aka LO and then got 4 more. There names are Scarlet, Leo, Callie and Kylie

Little one!!! She is, one of my favorites that’s why I took her along.

Scarlet!!! My first new stuffed animal that I got in the first Wellington zoo that we went to.

Callie the big and Kylie the small,I got them from a nice little shop that sold fuzzy people.

This is Leo!!! I got her when we saw the little penguins.

I was testing out some different fonts if you want to know why things are rainbow colored

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Relaxing Even More!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today we woke up and got to watch TV for a while. It was very relaxing just to lay in bed and watch. After I was done watching TV we went to the pool and the ocean. The pool was cold but very refreshing and the ocean was warmer then the pool which was strange, but it was saltier of course. Next we watched some more TV then we took a walk on the beach. It was nice to walk in the water it reminded me of walking on the beach in Florida. We had another amazing dinner tonight that my dad made. We are also having another great relaxing night and I hope you guys will too.             

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Today we flew from Melbourne to Carins. Cairns is like the Florida of Australia (says Samantha). We are staying at a hotel on the ocean it has a pool in front too. It is very relaxing just to sit on the deck and watch the ocean. We got to go swimming in the pool today and we swam in the ocean. It was Mark and Samantha’s first time in the Pacific Ocean and I think they enjoyed it very much. We also had chicken, chips, and oranges on our deck which was nice because we have not done that in a while. It has just been a super relaxing day. Miss you Oufreez, Dominic, and Maya and all of you guys. 


Great Ocean Road

Today we drove on the Great Ocean Road. We saw some sights and lookouts like the 12 Apostles, the Grotto, the Arch, Bay of Islands, and some pretty angry waves and wind. The wind was coming in from Antarctica and it was strong so sometimes I would have to hold on to something. We had some pretty good views of the ocean today on a winding road like big waves and surfers. It was very rainy and windy day so that made it less fun but we powered through it. When we got to our hotel we hade dinner, wrote posts, and then went to sleep. I will get some pictures tomorrow for this post. Tomorrow we are also going to Cairns up in Queensland. It will hopefully be a beach like vacation. That is all for now.


Phillips Island and Port Campbell  

Today we got up at a reasonable time to go on a walk. We walked on the beach for a while then went to a rock formation. When we came back to the beach on our walk we stopped to throw rocks in the sand. It was fun throwing the rocks then running away when the tide came. After our walk we drove for about 5 hours. The drive was long so we had a Frozen sing-a-long!!!!!! We missed Eva and Carter while we were singing Let It Go. When we got to Port Campbell we went to a look out place called London Bridge. Next we went out to dinner and it was pretty good food. Finally we went back to are hotel and I am writing this. So we have had a good day today and I am tired now so bye.            

Lots of adventures

We have had lots of adventures and fun this trip. Like hiding in balls, playing at parks and watching waves crash in to the bays.

Bye bye

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Pacific Shore

Today offered some of the most beautiful scenery we’ve encountered on the trip so far!  This photo is from Phillip Island (SE of Melbourne) and this particular bay is a World Surf Heritage site; not sure what that means, because we didn’t see any surfers, but we did see plenty of waves.  We hiked for a couple miles along the coast out to the outcropping pictured below.  We were basically on our own the whole time and we aren’t quite sure why there weren’t more people taking all this in, it must be beautiful in lots of places around here.

We put in a long day driving today, about 5 hours in total with both Teresa and I splitting the time behind the wheel.  So far we haven’t had any major mishaps with the car, other than some unnecessary use of wipers when our intention was to use the turn signal.  🙂

Tomorrow will be a leisurely drive along the Great Ocean Road and more lookouts and sightseeing along the way.  Two more days around Victoria before we head to Cairns!


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Phillips Island

Today we got a car and drove from our hotel in Melbourne to Phillips Island about two hours away. When we got to Phillip Island we could do so many things I didn’t know what to do.  We finally did pick to go to the chocolate factory. At the chocolate factory we bought different kinds of candy to try. After we were done at the chocolate factory we went to a place called A Maze’n Things. At A Maze’n Things there was a gravity room, a mirror maze (by far the best and funniest), another maze, and the shirnking room. In the mirror maze you would bump in to mirrors, have to touch people to know they are really there, and sometimes you would talk a mirror instead of a person. Next we went to the shoreline of the island and saw waves crashing on rocks and we also saw Seal Rock where a bunch of seals would lay down. We got to see wild wallabys it was cool to see. Then finally we went to go see one of the coolest things ever. After that we saw Penguins!!! They we’re waddleing up from shore to there borrows. It was so cool, the penguins were about one foot tall!! We did name a few of them there names were… Bub, Jub, John, Rob, Fred 1, Fred 2, Bob, The Family 3, and the Kitty Paw Brothers. After we were done watching the Penguins we went to the grocery store because if we get dinner from there people like it better always. I hope you guys are doing fun things too. Miss you guys lots. 


This is a picture of a postcard because you could not take pictures of the Penguins. 



Today we got up around 10:00!! How is that you are probably wondering, well we went to bed around midnight. That was probably part of it but the other part is a mystery. After we finally got out of bed and went to the pool of course!! We went to the National Sports Museum which talked about the Olympics,  Austraila sports players, and Austraila’s sports. It was really interesting reading about the people in the Olympics. Another one of my favorite things about that museum is the hands-on exhibit. In the exhibit you could do bike races, archery I thought of you Jake :), cricket, and other fun sports things. After we were done at the museum we had a good dinner then relaxed. I will get pictures up later for this post sorry about not having them up now. 


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A Zoo?? That’s Right

Today we went to the pool which was fun as always. There was three separate pools in the room so we got to check it out. We finally started going to the zoo around noon. At the zoo we saw a lot of the same animals like Koalas, Kangaroos, and Emus. We did see some different animals to like Hippos, cool colored birds. Two cool thing that happened today is that when we went by the Tiger cage he growled, it sounds really cool. Another one is that Sam made a couple friends like the one in the pictures. Then when we came back from the zoo we went to the pool again!!! With my dad this time because he is done working!!! We had a nice relaxing night by watching Grease the movie this time though. I figured out to comment back so I can talk to you guys!! That is all for now bye.